Sunday, March 22, 2009


I've been avoiding writing a blog, because I'm sick of complaining. Even though there's not a whole lot that couldn't have gotten any worse this week, there are still those little things that remind me that there will be better things ahead once the storm is gone.

With my brother's farewell on Sunday and taking him to the empty sea (MTC) on Wednesday, I learned how to conquer high heels. Not only did I master those puppies, but my family and a good friend showed me that they're always there for me, even when some of them are hundreds of miles away.

When someone that should be close to me and should help me no matter what my decision is decided to abandon me, other people that I didn't know cared about me as much as they did stepped up and showed me that I don't have to earn love, and that it's freely handed out to me.

When I started feeling horrible and irresponsible for breaking my brother's computer the day after he left, two certain people (that I haven't done anything to deserve such treatment from) looked at the damage, bought a new part for me, and then sent me on a much needed date with their son. And I will pay you back somehow.

There's always little things that people will say that help me know that they care about me, even a little, and it's totally awesome.

Even though I still feel like I'm at the bottom of the hole, I remembered what I have to do to climb out. Thank you for all of you that helped me so much.