Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hike School

Well I'm not out of high school yet but I'm bored and don't want to do homework yet haha. Don't get mad at me because I've already finished three packets this week!

1. Did you date someone from your school? Yup, and two not from my school but I was stupid

2. What kind of car did you drive? I don't want to talk about it

3. Were you a party animal? When I wasn't grounded I was out playing a lot. I've grown up so much haha

4. Were you considered a flirt? I doubt it

5. Were you in band, orchestra or choir? Bella Voce, the Bella Voce and A Capella, the Ladies A Capella, then Voice Tec. I miss choir dearly

6. Were you a nerd? Probably in some ways. I like playing chess, just not with Rich because he wins every time

7. Were you on any varsity teams? Haha no, I'm too lazy sadly

8. Did you get suspended/expelled? Nope, never have

9. Can you still sing the fight song? I never knew it in the first place, just bits and pieces

10. Who were your favorite teachers? Probably Mr. Fong, his class was awesome

11. Where did you sit during lunch? By the school store or at someone's house

12. What was your school's full name? Mountain View High School and now East Shore High School

13. School mascot? Bruin but now it's a Mustang

14. If you could go back and do it again, would you? I would probably do it better, if I had to

15. What do you remember most about graduation? excited I am for it haha

16. What did you do for senior skip day? Does someone want to tell me when senior skip day is?

17. Were you in any clubs? Not so much. You could probably count Voice Technique as a club because that's what it felt like

18. Have you gained weight since then? I gain weight, I lose weight, I don't know what's up with my body sometimes

19. Who was your prom date? Never been to prom

20. Are you planning on going to your 20-year reunion? Rich if you don't go with me I'm probably gonna end up going, especially if there's nothing to do. Well, maybe not because I don't like a lot a people from Mountain View and I don't know a lot of people from East Shore. I'm so lame

Saturday, November 15, 2008

So I haven't posted a bulletin for a while, and I guess it's because I hate to complain online and that's all I feel like doing right now. I just am I completely overwhelmed, to the point where it's not funny. I wish I had a shoulder to cry on right now, and when I think about that I keep thinking about more negative stuff and it's driving me crazy. I can't wait for Christmas, I'll still be stressed like none other but it's the only time of year when I can be happy, pretty much no matter what, especially this year. *sigh* Hello reality! I find it hard to believe my mom when she tells me I'm such a strong person when I handle things so badly. Does anyone have any advice? Or can someone just come pat me on the back and say "aww poor baby"? I think I need it.

p.s. I promise I am not a normally a whiny, negative person.