Monday, August 31, 2009

awesome points

not to brag or anything but this week i have:

- had a cat pee in my backseat, which still stinks
- hit a dog the same night the cat peed in my car (the dog's ok, only it's leg was hurt)
- locked my keys in my car
- been depressed

i get awesome points for surviving this haha


Alli said...

sounds like it has been a week! Take it easy and take yourself out shopping and buy you something nice! :)

Here Dwells Happiness said...

So sorry it's been crummy. Whenever I feel sad I always watch a chick flick, cry, and then feel better the next morning. Maybe it will work for you too. *hugs*

Brooklee's bees said...

we play rockband ahahahaha Good times. Well at least you saw blink tonight! I love you. And sadly enough I miss you I haven't seen you in a whole 12 hours!

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Ladla Haris said...

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